Rome is a city which offers a multitude of dining options. Livening up the Roman culinary scene, they are all differently characterized for area, neighborhood, cuisine. In 2006, Primo made his bet out of the historical city centre, creating a restaurant whose main characters would have been the food, the wine and an elegant (but informal at the same time) and comforting architectural style. It has become the “home” of many curious and pleasure-loving gourmets, who come to taste plates with roots well built in the typical products of our territory, prepared by the chef Marco Gallotta revisiting antique makings, smelling fruits and herbs, and reaching cutting-edge solutions.

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Codfish tasting menù

  • Chef’s welcome
  • Cod croquet, salad, red onions and capers
  • Kamut linguine, garlic,olive oil,cod and dried & sweet peppers “cruschi”
  • Codfish filet,cream chick peas and baked tomatoes
  • Parfait vanilla, caramelized strawberry and balsam sauce

€ 35,00

From ’2006 tasting menù

  • Chef’s welcome
  • Salad of steamed veal, green beans, potatoes and green sauce
  • Short macaroni ,tomato sauce,cheek bacon, sheep cheese and pepper
  • Filet of beef, marrowbone gratin and parmesan sauce
  • Tiramisu’ espresso, atlantic salt

€ 40,00


The main goal of Marco Gallotta, chef and partner of Primo Al Pigneto restaurant, is to bring out the best in each product and carry out research at the same time. Marco orchestrates a personal symphony of the Italian gastronomic culture, without losing sight of his mother and his masters’ more intimate teachings. A menu [...]


Customers must feel free to taste without having given too strong indications, just giving them personal suggestions. This is Massimo Terzulli’s thought, Primo’s partner and sommelier. The wine list is curated by Massimo with passion and content, created through a very careful research within Italian and foreign winemakers, always with the will to maintain an […]

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Primo al Pigneto apre la trilogia di cene organizzate da Slowfood Roma, che vedono protagonisti i prodotti di territorio, questa volta interpretati da chef di alta cucina. Giovedì 2 ottobre I Presidi non solo all’Osteria, con i piatti dello chef di Primo, Marco Gallotta, e abbinamento dei vini scelti dal sommelier Massimo Terzulli (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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