The kitchen

Primo today is a second home for many gourmets, people curious about food and pleasure-lovers who come here to taste dishes well anchored to local products that the  chef, Marco Gallotta, prepares by exploring old methods of production, by seeking out fruits and herbs, and by updating ancient preparations with vanguard solutions.

The starting point is tradition, the flavour of “homemade” dishes, familiar and  intimate, revised with great attention and redesigned with style and linearity. The research focuses on Mediterranean perfumes, on condiments and on a restricted selection of excellent product from the Lazio region of Italy.

The main goal of Marco Gallotta, chef and partner of Primo Al Pigneto restaurant, is to bring out the best in each product and carry out research at the same time. Marco orchestrates a personal symphony of the Italian gastronomic culture, without losing sight of his mother and his masters’ more intimate teachings. A menu in respect of the changing of the season, which brings to the table the scent of the earth and the sea, and above all the special daily deliveries: the mullet fish just caught by his brother; the herbs of Vanda and Francesco, winemakers from Fondi; the oil of Paolo Orsini from Priverno; Tony Gamberoni’s fresh homemade pasta and Daniele’s pecorino cheese.