The Pigneto seen by Primo

Tony Gamberoni

A good friend, one of the best Primo’s suppliers, and certainly an excellent fresh pasta producer in Rome. A true institution of fresh pasta. Doughs made with his bare hands, using fresh eggs, a selected super grain flour, Italian meat of choice and Parmesan cheese.
Tony Gamberoni
via L. Bufalini 65/67

Nero Gallery

When we want underground and pop surrealism, we absolutely need to go to the Black Gallery. You should give a try and immerse yourself in an art made of visions, dreams, gothic aesthetic, with a strong inclination to experimentation
Via Castruccio Castracane, 9

Gioia a La Santeria

Do you want a sandwich? We like research, care, attention to the raw material and the construction, which is Gioia a La Santeria


A cocktail after dinner? Do not miss those Co.So.
Via Braccio da Montone, 80 (Roma)

Pigneto Luxury Rooms

For your stay in Rome, we have no doubt, is the ideal residence because Pigneto Luxury Rooms Rome is not only the historic center and the quality of hospitality is not just five-star.